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The Base Camp Series
Base Camp Series - The Most Versatile Rack On The Market

The Base Camp™ Series

The Origin of the modern day power rack

The Sorinex Base Camp™ rack series is made by professionals for professionals. The Base Camp design and name represents the start of your training journey. An industry first 4-way hole design offers limitless training opportunities. It was created with expansion in mind, not replacement. As you grow, the Base Camp rack grows with you via new attachments, customizable storage, bridges, and outriggers. Long gone are the days of wasted iron and dollars simply because of changing training philosophies.

The Base Camp is the most versatile rack ever created; Allowing more people than ever to train at one station, increasing the carrying capacity of your facility. The configurations and adjustments are endless and easily adaptable to your training program. The world of strength practitioners has been forever changed.


Half Rack

Half Rack

The Sorinex Base Camp Half Rack is a straight forward training solution designed for smaller spaces that need to maintain coaching site lines. The Base Camp Half Rack offers a smaller footprint than a traditional Power Rack while featuring the industry leading versatility, durability, safety, and customization you have come to know. As you grow, the Base Camp Half Rack grows with you via new attachments, storage, and accessories.

Tubing3" x 3"
Numbered HolesYes
Materials11 or 7 Gauge Steel

For a detailed breakdown of items included in each Base Camp™ Rack Package, please click here.

Base Camp Attachments

Recommended Attachments

Built with expansion in mind, not replacement. As you grow, the Base Camp rack grows with you via new attachments, customizable storage, bridges, and outriggers.


The Bulldog® Pad

This patented rack attached chest supported row can be utilized for rows or flys using a barbell, dumbbells, Center Mass Bells®, kettlebells, sandbag, or cable machine. This unit has four adjus™ent angles and can support arms, legs, head, or back for added stability during a multitude of pressing and pulling movements. Space saving design compared to stand alone chest supported row machine. The Bulldog Pad comes standard with black/black naugahyde upholstery.

Georgia Weight Room

Hand Crafted
American Steel



Since 1980, Sorinex has designed and built custom innovative training solutions of the highest standard. A simple look to ancient building techniques can and does give the answer of how to make things ‘simple but strong’. Proven for thousands of years. No slots or ‘cutting corners’. In 2008, the industry was forever changed with the creation of the Sorinex Base Camp Rack. Today, most all modern day rack designs and concepts have given their origins to the Base Camp. The most versatile training system ever created.



Safety Straps

Safety Straps

The Safety Straps are a Sorinex Original and industry first. A deep understanding of load angles and force variation sparked this specific creation. The length of the straps creates slack at a very specific angle to absorb maximal load and force. This advanced safety system is a must-have for the modern day training environment. Micro adjustments via 1” holes allow angled strap positioning to protect your neck while benching. Macro adjustments allow for all pulling and pressing to be performed inside the rack.

Half Safety Spotters

Half Safety Spotters

The Sorinex Half Safety Spotters are a modern and versatile upgrade from the traditional half spotter bar. Attach to the front of half racks or full racks for safer lower/upper body movements. Attach a Sorinex Utility Seat for step-ups, box squats, or hyperextensions. The Sorinex Half Safety Bars support the athlete inside or outside of the rack. Holes line each side for increased versatility and attachment capability. Utilize Adjustable Utility Pins to create temporary dip stations or catch bays for Olympic rack pulls.

Full Safety Spotters

Full Safety Spotters

Originally designed for safety, the Sorinex Full Safety Spotters function as an adjustable attachment platform. Coupled with a wide range of accessories, these spotter bars add more conditioning and rehab exercises to your rack, such as dual-sided dip station (each spotter bar), band pegs, assorted pins, utility seat platform and more. Holes are numbered for band compatibility. Dip stations can be adjusted for height and shoulder width. Use them up high to support overhead pressing movements inside the rack.



Carrying Capacity

Carrying capacity refers to the maximum number of athletes a weight room can sustainably support over a given period of time, based on the availability of resources and space. Carrying capacity is determined by a number of factors, including the availability of space, equipment, and flow of traffic. The functionality of our gear and designs allow more athletes to train at one station which maximizes the carrying capacity of your facility.

Built To Last


Lifetime Structural Warranty

Lifetime Structural Warranty - Since 1980, our premise has been simple: Make functional strength training equipment that could be customized, and above all, BOMB PROOF. Sorinex equipment is backed by an industry leading Lifetime Warranty on all structural steel material, equipment frames, and welding integrity when used as intended as applicable to the original purchaser (non-transferable). When we say “Bosco Brotherhood”, we mean it. This is a family business, which to us means being here to support you and your program. We will provide you with the highest level of assistance to help you succeed.

Base Camp SRNX Detail Shot


Bring your brand to life and give your facility the distinct identity that your athletes have become loyal to. Using our industry leading precision laser technology, and the ability to match your brand’s colors and guidelines, there will be no question who the gear represents.

Logo Arch

Logo Arch

Our custom branded solutions for logo arches makes your rack a one-of-a-kind. It will catch the eye of anyone who walks into your facility. Our team of designers and craftsmen expertly combine multiple layers of laser cut American steel to bring the detail of your brand to life.

Base Camp Bridge UT


Sorinex bridges are variable length rack connectors that can be used in conjunction with a multitude of implements. Integrated systems for space saving efficiency between racks, rigs, or station-to-station and fully customizable branding statements.

Base Camp Bridges

High Bridges

Originally designed for Craig Fitzgerald, the Sorinex High Bridge is an variable length rack connector that can be used in conjunction with a multitude of attachments. An industry first. The High Bridge brings the athlete outside the rack allowing them to perform specific movements utilizing various attachments, attachment points, and suspension tools between your Base Camp Racks. Attach a TRX strap, another batwing bar, lat pulls, functional cable columns or storage solutions to utilize every square inch in your facility.


Make A Branding Statement

A Megabridge can dual function as a training station as well as a bold branding statement. We use our expertly crafted precision laser technologies on 11 gauge American steel to customize your megabridge so that when someone walks into your facility they will immediately know who you are.

Base Camp Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Custom isn't just picking your logos and colors.

We don’t just create equipment, we create solutions. Since 1980, Sorinex has designed and built custom innovative training solutions of the highest standard. Custom isn’t just picking your logos and colors. To us, custom means a hand-built solution from start to finish.

Pillar Wraps
Custom Solutions

Pillar Wraps

A Sorinex Pillar Wrap is a unique solution created to wrap around existing pillars or columns within your training environment. Traditional weight room designs would avoid these pillars all together. Instead, we look to incorporate every square foot of your space by creating custom storage, attachment, and branding around your existing structures.


Our solutions are hand-built from start to finish. Every situation is unique. We start by asking the right questions to co- create a one of a kind solution for each client. All of our products are made to order, and because of that fabrication times can be longer. Depending on product scope, fabrication time may vary.



Your needs and vision dictate the design process. Together with your dedicated Solutions Specialist and CAD Designer, we analyze and brainstorm various concepts to ensure maximum potential. We will bring your concept to reality through a series of in-person and remote planning sessions where you will have the opportunity to view your room in 3D digital renders and virtual reality.

Click below to have one of our Solutions Specialists contact you and guide you through our Made to Order process. We look forward to outfitting equipment tailored to you and your athletes’ needs.

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