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The Base Camp Series
Base Camp Series - The Most Versatile Rack On The Market

Sorinex Jammer Arms™

An industry first, the Sorinex Jammer Arms were designed with future innovation in mind. In the late 2000’s, Sorinex introduced the rack attached Jammer Arms. Many coaches wanted to utilize traditional jammer press movements but did not want to sacrifice floor space in their weight rooms. Sorinex created an innovative training solution that has now evolved in the Adjustable Jammer Arms. As coaching philosophies changed and new training environments were created, the Jammer Arms answered the call. Fast forward to 2023 and our progress continues with improved modularity, functionality, safety, and branding.

Bilateral and unilateral movements. Dynamic, variable, or isometric. Standing or seated. Press, row, squat, or pull. Our gear is ready to test your limits.

Base Camp Attachments

Jammer Bracket Style

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Adjustable Jammer Bracket

The Sorinex Adjustable Jammer Arms evolved from the Fixed Jammer Arms and take up no additional floor space while exponentially increasing the versatility and number of training options within your rack. The Adjustable Jammer bracket gives you the ability to move the attachment point up and down your rack side.

Hand Crafted
American Steel



The concept of the Jammer Arms were inspired by traditional ground based jammer machines. While effective, the problem with those machines was the massive amount of floor space they took up for just one movement. In 2005, the industry was forever changed with the creation of the Sorinex Jammer Arms. Today, the Jammer Arms are widely recognized as one of the most versatile and effective training tools in a weight room, and are widely replicated throughout the world.



Safety Magnetic Pins

Each Adjustable Jammer Arm comes standard with 3 Safety Magnetic Pins and 4 optional placement locations. Each pin, when used correctly, can reduce the risk of injury associated with moving rack parts and components.

  • Prevent the Adjustable Jammer Arm Bracket from sliding up and down
  • Lock the Jammer Arm in place.
  • Prevent the Jammer Arm from being stored vertically overhead.
  • Additional pin storage location.



Most Training Options Per Sq. Ft.

The Sorinex Adjustable Jammer Arms are an industry-first training solution that allows users to perform a wide range of exercises by setting the Jammer Arm at various heights. It can be used for exercises such as rows, presses, snatches, deadlifts, RDLs, and more. Adjustable and versatile, the Jammer Arms provide users with a variety of exercise options, while the Locking Compression Lever adds an extra level of safety by securing the arms in place during use.

Built To Last


Lifetime Structural Warranty

Lifetime Structural Warranty - Since 1980, our premise has been simple: Make functional strength training equipment that could be customized, and above all, BOMB PROOF. Sorinex equipment is backed by an industry leading Lifetime Warranty on all structural steel material, equipment frames, and welding integrity when used as intended as applicable to the original purchaser (non-transferable). When we say “Bosco Brotherhood”, we mean it. This is a family business, which to us means being here to support you and your program. We will provide you with the highest level of assistance to help you succeed.

Sorinex Jammer Arms

Handle Options

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Jammer Arm™ Standard Handle

This all around Jammer Handle comes standard with any pair of Jammer Arms™. It is the perfect introduction to the Jammer System.

Sorinex Jammer Arms


Built with expansion in mind, not replacement. As you grow, the Base Camp rack grows with you via new attachments, customizable storage, bridges, and outriggers.



Our custom branded solutions for logos make your attachment one-of-a-kind. It will catch the eye of anyone who walks into your facility. Our team of designers and craftsmen expertly combine multiple layers of laser cut American steel to bring the detail of your brand to life.

Sorinex Jammer Arms

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